Fragforce Events

Fragforce Herndon - Major Event Day 1
Fri May 31 13:00:00 GMT 2019, Suite 100 2550 Wasser Terrace
Herndon, VA 20171
United States

Want To Participate?

  1. Join the team -
  2. RSVP for the event - See Pre-Registration URL below
  3. Join at least one of the VTO shifts - See Volunteer Force URL below
  4. Raise $100 for the team for this event (or donate and have Salesforce match!)

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone that's raised at least $100 for Extra-Life
    • This includes Salesforce employees & non-Salesforce employees

How Can I Help or Donate?

Event Information


  • Use the parking garage
  • Only park in unmarked spaces
  • Contact your sponsor for the gate code

When You Get In

  • There is a cart/dolly in reception that can be used to help bring gear inside
  • Ask the person at reception if you need further help
  • All non-Salesforce employees MUST sign in at the front desk and get a badge.
  • Pull up this page for the latest information

Need Help?

  • See Paulson at the front desk!


  • SSID: “fragforce”
    • Key: 4thekids!
    • Gaming systems only (ex: consoles, gaming computers)
    • Same network as wired gaming network
  • SSID: “fragforce other”
    • Key: 4thekids!
    • Use for cellphones and non-gaming devices
  • Wired Gaming Network
    • IP Assignment: DHCP
    • IP Network:
    • Gateway:
    • DNS:
    • DHCP Range: to



  • URL: rtmp://stream.fragforce:1935/live
  • Key: Anything you want. We recommend starting with your name or machine's hostname.
  • Hop in #stream on the Discord server and say what your stream key is and what you're playing.

File Server

  • \\files.fragforce\{ephemeral,public}

Event Pre-Registration